This emoji poem is based upon quotes from "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll.


's Adventures in Wonderland
I. Down the -Hole
'Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late! '
the pink-eyed murmered
while starring hastily at his .
Why wasn't irritated?
ing with curiosity, she ran across the field
and fortunately just in time to see the
popping down a large -hole.
Without thinking of how to get out after all, followed.
Was she falling so deep or was she falling so slow
Either way, she had plenty of time
trying to what would happen now.
'I must be getting somewhere
near the centre of the .
__Is it possible to fall right through it,
seeing those whose heads point downward?'
was, for the moment, happy
that no one was able to her.
And then, out of a sudden,
her fall was finally over.
She found herself in a long, low hall,
with all around - but each one was locked;
And the was not to be seen any more.
How was supposed to ever get out?
But then spotted a three-legged table,
all made of solid glass;
there was nothing on it except a tiny, golden
which opened an by a curtain hidden .
Behind that was a really small passage,
so knelt down - and saw the loveliest garden.
'If only I could shut up like a -being!'
Nothing seemed impossible for her anymore.
She returned to the table, and indeed, there was now
'which was certainly not here before',
a bottle, labeled DRINK ME - beautifully printed.
'Well, it's not marked as poison' - so tasted.
'What a curious feeling! Now I am the right size!'
But poor had forgotten the ,
which was still, but now unreachable for her,
lying on that table.
'There is absolutely no reason to cry'
told , rather sharply, herself.
So she ate a that she found somehow
and waited anxiously for the result:
'Downsizing? Growth? Which way will I go?
II. The pool of
III. A caucus race and a long tale
IV. Advice from a
Who are you? said the
in a languid, sleepy voice
after starring at - silently! - long enough
- this wasn't as encouraging as she had hoped.
"Explain yourself!" the insisted.
- "I can't! I'm not myself!
I hardly know...I know who I was
but down here I have changed several !
Being so many different sizes
in one day is very confusing!"
"It isn't", said the
"Oh, you'll see!"
Once you'll turn into a
which would feel very queer to me."
"You! Who are you?" said the
quite contemptouesly.
Due to his very short remarks
then drew herself up, saying gravely:
"You ought to tell me who you a first!"
"Why?" said the .
His very unpleasant state of mind
made turn away.
"Come back!" the called after her.
"I have something important to say!"
"Keep your temper!" - "Is that all?"
"No", said the .
Letting enjoy minutes of silence.
... "So ... you think you are ed ?"
"I am afraid, sir, I am.
I can't remember things as I used."
"Can't remember what things?" -
"For example 'How does the little busy '."
"Repeat, 'You are old, Father William'."
folded her and began:
'You are old, Father William', the young said',
'And your hair has become very white;
And yet you incessantly stand on your -
Do you think, at your age, it is ?'
V. and Pepper
VI. A mad
VII. The Queen's Croquet Ground
VIII. The Mock 's Story
IX. The Lobster Quadrille
X. Who stole the tarts?
XI. 's Evidence

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