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This Emoji Chat Poem bases upon quotes out of
Oscar Wilde's "THE CRITIC AS ARTIST ..."


Oscar Wilde's Emoji Chat

Treatment is the test. There is nothing
not offering suggestion or challenge.

We used to canonise, today we vulgarise.
FAQ: What is the use of art-criticism?

The artist cannot be left alone! Why?

Art is instinct of selection. Why
should those who cannot create
estimate the value of creative work
themselves? What can they know?

If it is easy to understand, their ex-
planation is unnecessary. If
incomprehensible, they will try to
explain it's divinity away. Pedantry!

Pass not from emotion to form
but from thought to chaos. Love
the mind machine, the processes
by which thought moves. Language!

Be despised as incomplete
as instrument of expression.
Rhyme, the exquisite echo that
answers its own voice. Passion!

By the singer for the dreamer
the world is and has been made.
But when it masquerades in poetry,
monstrous music can be wounding.

Only our keenest aesthetic instinct
can tell mind from skull apart. Life
and literature are the highest arts.

Make all interpretations true,
and no interpretation final.
The critic reproduces, never imitative,
in charming rejection of resemblance.

Imagination keeps knocking.


"The Critic As Artist... [ Link: gutenberg.org ]

... With Some Remarks Upon The Importance Of Doing Nothing",

"Intentions" by Oscar Wilde.