** Emoji Chat **

This poem bases upon quotes out of
Oscar Wilde's


Oscar Wilde's Emoji Chat 2

Transference of emotion
is a strange thing.
We sicken with the poet
and feel the singers pain.

Emotion is the aim of art.
Emotion for the sake of it.
Action is the aim of life and in society
the dreamer will never be forgiven.

Must we go to art for everything?
Life! Life! Art does not hurt us.
Don't let us go to life for our
fulfillment or our experience.

Art is immoral, society cannot.
The day's work equals stability.
Therefore life is narrowed - satisfy
your artistic and critical temperament.

Those exquisite sterile emotions
which make us weep unwounded.
It is through art, and through art
only, that they might be awakened.

More moods of passion than life
art can give us. We can choose
our day, select our hour. There is
peace, there is hope, there is horror.

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"The Critic As Artist ...[ Link: gutenberg.org ]

...With Some Remarks Upon The Importance Of Discussing Everything" (1891)

by Oscar Wilde (*1854 - 1900).