** Emoji Chat **

This Emoji Chat poem bases upon
Ludwig Feuerbach's
"The Essence of Christianity".


Feuerbach's Emoji Chat

Transference of emotion?
Nay _ Religion is projection!
Self-sufficing speculation!
Object first, then thought.

In it's essence, in it's heart
Religion is atheism,
Believing in human nature's
Divinity _ it's truth is sacrilege!

It is not I, but religion...
I found the key to the cipher;
God is of human form... with
Human feelings and thoughts;

Emoji Chat Poetry

Based Upon:

"The Essence of Christianity", published 1881 by Trübner, London,

written by Ludwig Feuerbach (*1804 ⚰ 1872)

and translated by George Eliot ♀ Mary Anne Evans (*1819 ⚰ 1880).