** Emoji Chat Poetry **

This poem bases upon and uses quotes from
Oscar Wilde's
"The Soul Of Man Under Socialism".


The Soul Of Man Under Socialism III
| Oscar Wilde

Reconstruct society, restore it's proper,
Healthy condition! To those who suffer:
Realise the horror of the system - private
Property prevents this masterfully...

If the Socialism is authoritarian; If we'll
Be arming government with economics;
If we are to have industrial tyrannies: The
Last, not the first, person's state will be worse.

At present, a great many people are
Enabled to realise themselves. Aren't you?
Do you really want wealth for everyone,
the cards to be shuffled anew?


"The Soul Of Man Under Socialism" (1891) [ Link: gutenberg.org ]

by Oscar Wilde (*1854 - 1900).